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img   img IMI GAL Exporter for Microsoft Exchange Server is a small utility for Exchange Admin to export GAL (Global Address List) to a Microsoft Access table.img

Enhancements for the Microsoft® Office Outlook® 
Extended MAPI in Delphi

IMI Attendees Print IMI Attendees Print
IMI Attendees Print is small utility specially designed for Microsoft Outlook users to print the names of the people who have been invited to a meeting and response status - Accepted, Declined, Tentative, None. From Outlook, there no direct way to print the response status....
Attendees Print

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DELPHI Developer Tools
img Extended MAPI in DELPHI

The Extended MAPI is one of the first COM technologies provided by Microsoft. Extended MAPI is core API for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, CDO, messaging.
We provide lots of examples, which demonstrates how inside DELPHI you can get the Extended MAPI power in your hands.
Extended MAPI Down to the Metal

After a few years of investigating and building Extended MAPI clients applications, we shifted part of our development team to the "MAPI inferno" - the service providers. This area of MAPI cannot be done with any kind of third-party custom MAPI components we know - they all have proved inapplicable here. Each MAPI service provider is unique, and moreover - they work in opposite sides.
Extended MAPI
Extended MAPI CDO 1.2.1 in DELPHI

A few examples how using CDO we can improve our productivity for small messaging (MAPI) applications.
Examples are Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5/2000/2003/2007/2010 compatibles
DELPHI 5/6/7/2005/2006/Turbo/2009/2010/XE Delphi  compatibles
Extended MAPI
Other IMIBO tools
Extended MAPI IMI Microsoft Office Access Based Address Book
   for Outlook 95/2007

Extended MAPI IMI Microsoft Office Access Based Message Store
   for Outlook 95/2007
IMI GAL Modify
IMI GAL Modify is a small and fast utility for Exchange Admin to modify the Mailbox attributes on Microsoft Exchange Server. Not needed the Microsoft Exchange Administrative Console.
GAL Modify
IMI GAL Modify
IMI Contacts Exporter IMI Contacts Exporter
IMI Contacts Exporter is a small application which can export/extract Contacts items from any Outlook and Exchange Contact Folders, including Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders and save it to Microsoft Excel sheet or Microsoft Access table.
Contacts Export
Active Directory Fast User Manager & Reports AD Fast User Manager & Reports
IMI Fast User Manager & Reports allows you to modify and export most of user properties inside your Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory Domain. Predefined Reports. Data Export to XML, HTML, CSV, SQL, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word. 
AD Fast User Manager & Reports
IMI GAL Exporter IMI GAL Exporter
User can select Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, Custom Recipient properties from any Recipient container in the Organization Tree and export it. Then user can easy print the Global Address List.
IMI Mailbox Statistics IMI Mailbox Statistics
IMI Mailbox Statistics for Microsoft Exchange Server is small utility for Exchange Admin to get, print and export (inventory) Mailbox resources statistics, intended to cover the lack of print capabilities in the current version of the Exchange Admin.
Mailbox Statistics


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Extended MAPI in Delphi