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img   img IMI Mailbox Statistics for Microsoft Exchange is a small
and fast utility for Exchange Admin to get, print
and export Mailbox Resource Statistics, intended
to cover the lack of print capabilities in the current
version of the Exchange Admin.img
Made in EU  
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How to export Global Address List:
GAL Exporter, Distribution Lists export

IMI GAL Exporter (Also known as IMI Global Address List Extractor) for Microsoft Exchange Server is a small utility for Exchange Admin to export GAL to a few file formats.

img Main Benefits:

Obtains information about all the mailboxes on a Microsoft Exchange Server 5.x/2000-2019

Remote connectivity.

Data Filters.

User can select Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, Custom Recipient properties from any Recipient container in the Organization Tree and export it. Then he can easy print the Global Address List.

Performance! 1,000 users export - below 06* Seconds
10,000 users export - below 28* Seconds
50,000 users export - below 178* Seconds

* Test environment:
HP (Hewlett & Packard) xe4400 (CPU Intel 2 GHz, RAM 512 MB)
Other running processes - 71 (threads - 930, handles - 24447)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 (on same PC)
Includes Microsoft Office Access Database operations (insert new record)

img What is new in this version?

· Native export to CSV, XML, HTML, SQL, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Access.

· If you are working with Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 and there is more than one Exchange Server to your MAPI profile you can choose a specific Address list (Exchange Server) for export.

More information and online help...

The same functionality is added also to "IMI GAL Exporter - Console Application" add-in.

With this add-on named "IMI GAL Exporter - Console Application" (which is a totally independent application), most Exchange administrators can automate their tasks and be more productive. Add-on exports information to CSV, XML, HTML, SQL, etc.


The add-on named "Distribution List Content Exporter"
is a small utility for Exchange Admin to export content of DList (Distribution List) to CSV, XML, HTML, SQL, etc. 

With this add-on, user can export Distribution List members

IMI GAL Exporter works on Microsoft Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10 with a valid MAPI profile to a single Microsoft Exchange Server.
Tabular presentation of some possible fields in the export table
 ENTRYID  Title  Custom attribute 1
 First Name  Company  Custom attribute 2
 Initials  Department  Custom attribute 3
 Last Name  Office  Custom attribute 4
 Display Name  Assistant
 Custom attribute 5
 Alias  Phone  Custom attribute 6
 Primary E-Mail address  Manager  Custom attribute 7
 Common Name  Direct reports  Custom attribute 8
 Windows NT account  Phone Business 2
 Custom attribute 9
 Address  FAX  Custom attribute 10
 City  Phone Assistant  View Containers
 State  Phone Home  Alternate recipient
 Zip Code  Phone Home 2  When Created
 Country  Phone Mobile  When Changed
 Notes  Pager  Proxy Addresses

IMI GAL Exporter Antivirus report done by

The version of IMI GAL Exporter that is available for download is free and fully functional, but exports only the first 50 mailboxes. After registration this limitation will be removed.

Once your payment is processed, you will receive within 1-24 hours, e-mail containing the unlock key information that will convert the installed trial version into registered licensed version.

Please be aware that MAPI/ADO are properly installed in your PC.

System Requirements:

 - MDAC [Microsoft Windows 95 and above] and
 - ExMAPI  [Microsoft Outlook 97 and above (or) Exchange Server administrator program (Optional)]

"IMI GAL Exporter" suite includes 3 (three)
independent applications:

"IMI GAL Exporter - GUI" - the main module
"IMI GAL Exporter - Console App" - for batch command line export
"IMI Distribution List Content Export"

IMI GAL Exporter
Download now!


"IMI GAL Exporter" 32 bit
(6.43 MB)

"IMI GAL Exporter 64 bit"
Outlook 2010-2019 64 bit only!

What version of Office do I have?
Register it!

Share*It!™ secure server
Visit for details


Customer Care Center
and FAQ


License agreement

How can I place a purchase order?
Share*It!  Product ID for PO: 135033

The registration includes two (2) years free update & support service. Technical support is via e-mail - during business hours (Monday to Friday from 07:30 am to 05:30 pm CET).
If you are already a registered user of IMI GAL Exporter, for a version released prior January 2011, please contact us for details how to upgrade your license.
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Please note, that our license rules are:

You need "IMI GAL Exporter" license for each computer where "IMI GAL Exporter" is installed. More...

After registration:
1) The limitations will be removed.
2) Support, possible bug fixes and future updates (one year - by e-mail).

Please contact us if you require any licensing option not listed above including volume licensing and previous versions.

System requirements:
® Office Outlook® 2000 or later
® Windows® XP/Windows 2000 or later
Microsoft® Exchange Server 2000 or later

Reviewers Choice.  IMI GAL Exporter
Check also "IMI Contacts Exporter"
exports Outlook Contacts items
(from Public folders too)

Once your payment is processed, you will receive within 1-3 hours, e-mail containing the unlock key information that will convert the installed trial version into registered licensed version. If you don't receive the Activation Key with in 45 minutes of the purchase than check your JUNK folder for our email. If you don't find it there, please drop us an email.

All Purchases come with free updates and tech support for 2 years from the date of purchase.
If you need more technical support after that you can re-purchase the product at 50% off the current price.

The product will keep working after the 2 years, but that you will not be able to receive technical support or new upgrades until you repurchase.
Looking for something specific that we don't offer yet?
Send us your Product Wish List and our developers will use your feedback when they are building the upcoming versions.

At IMIBO we'll be pleased to create this masterpiece of code which explicitly fits your needs. Call us today!

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