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IMI GAL Exporter   bull IMI GAL Exporter for Microsoft® Exchange Server is a small utility for Exchange Admin to export GAL (Global Address List) to a Microsoft® Office Access® table.
image IMI Attendees Print  

Print a list of attendees from a meeting request.

There is currently no direct way to print the names of the people who have been invited to a meeting from Microsoft® Office Outlook®. IMI Attendees Print is an utility specially designed for Microsoft® Office Outlook®  users to print the names of the people who have been invited to a meeting and response status - Accepted, Declined, Tentative, None.

IMI Attendees Print - A handy software that will offer you the possibility to print extensive lists directly from Outlook.
Outlook is notorious for lack of full text wrapping on printing. With IMI Attendees Print you can easily print outlook calendar events with details and full word-wrap (prevents appointment text from being cut off), plus you can fully edit in Word or Excel before printing.

Key Benefits
  • Obtain information for meeting items from any Appointment folder in Microsoft® Exchange Server 5.x/2000-2016
  • Obtain information for Meting Request items from any Outlook Appointment folder.
  • You can print directly the names of the people who have been invited to a meeting.
  • You can print directly response status - Accepted, Declined, Tentative, None
  • You can save/export report directly to Microsoft® Office Word
  • You can save/export report directly to Microsoft® Office Excel®
  • You can save/export report as RTF file
  • You can save/export report as Adobe PDF file
  • You can save/export report as HTML file
  • Compatible with Outlook 2000-2007(x86)/2010-2016(x86/x64)
  • Date Range export - today, tomorrow, this week, this month, etc...

The version of "IMI Attendees Print" that is available for download is free and fully functional, you can use it 30 days without registration. After registration this limitation will be removed. To upgrade to our registered version, simply install this free version, then enter the license registration code received after ordering. This free version automatically becomes the registered version upon entering this code.

IMI Attendees Print

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"IMI Attendees Print"

32 bit version (2.65 MB)

What version of Office do I have?

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License agreement
Using IMI Attendees Print does not require administrative rights, but the installation process requires administrative rights.
Please contact your IT staff for assistance!
64 bit version of IMI Attendees Print
Outlook 2010-2016 64 bit

  "IMI Attendees Print 64"

What version of Office do I have?

IMI Attendees Print is available for one time registration of
USD 39.95
Volume discount prices are available

The registration includes two (2) years free update & support service. Technical support is via e-mail - during business hours (Monday to Friday from 07:30 am to 05:30 pm CET).
If you are already a registered user of IMI Attendees Print, for a version released prior January 2011, please contact us for details how to upgrade your license.

How can I place a purchase order?
Share*It!  Product ID for PO: 300141447

System requirements:
® Office Outlook® 2000 or later
® Windows® XP/Windows 2000 or later

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Once your payment is processed, you will receive within 1-3 hours, e-mail containing the unlock key information that will convert the installed free version into registered licensed version. If you don't receive the Activation Key with in 45 minutes of the purchase than check your JUNK folder for our email. If you don't find it there, please drop us an email.




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How to install and use:

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You need "IMI Attendees Print" license for each computer where "IMI Attendees Print" is installed. More...

All Purchases come with free updates and tech support for 2 years from the date of purchase.
If you need more technical support after that you can re-purchase the product at 50% off the current price.

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The product will keep working after the 2 years, but that you will not be able to receive technical support or new upgrades until you repurchase.

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